Welcome To Brainey Tots Play School

  • Pre-School Program

    Designed for children of age 2-6 years Taps early into the child's abilities to develop skills Stimulates&develops skills pertaining to 58 key areas that contribute to overall child development.

  • Child Development

    Our way of teaching: Specially we treat students in such a way that a student will be able to learn in the easier way and can be understand affectively so that he/she may apply their studies in their live living area or in the future.

  • Active Learning

    Active learning is learning which engages and challenges children's thinking using real-life and imaginary situations.All areas of the curriculum is enriched and developed through active learning.

  • Day Care

    Day care facility for children of age 18 months onwards till 8 years. Care combined with learning User sensory objectsa,images to tickle the curiosity in children and teach them motor skills.

  • Brainey Tots Play School Kids designed the program for children from playgroup to upper kindergarten. Taps early into the child's abilities, stimulates and develops skills pertaining to 58 key areas that contribute to overall development of the child.

    Happy Stars (Play Group)                    1.5 Yrs to 2.5 Yrs
    Crazy Stars (Nursery)                           2.5 Yrs to 3.5 Yrs
    Clever Stars (LKG/Jr KG)                   3.5 Yrs to 4.5 Yrs
    Roaring Stars (UKG/ Sr KG)               4.5 Yrs to 5.5 Yrs
    Activity Center                                       3.5 Yrs to 12 Yrs

Children at Brainey Tots Play School become Confident, Creative and Independent Learners

Fun filled, Blissful & Purposeful PLAY for Academic Readiness

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Brainey Tots Play School

Our program introduces your children to a more structured day with stimulating activities, group interaction and numerous opportunities to be inquisitive as he/she travels along the path to discover.

  • Spacious villa
  • Good ventilation & Fresh air
  • Away from pollution
  • Positive learning environment for your child
  • Full security
  • Completely in residential area
  • Homely and warm atmosphere, which the children truly enjoy.
  • Kids are allowed to freely move around. All the measures are taken so that the child’s safety is ensured.